Nursery & Kindergarten

Nursery & Kindergarten

Fostering IMTAQ and IPTEK that Built upon Al Qur’an and Hadist. Developing religion, moral, social, emotional, cognitive and language value skills. Raising a well achieved and competent generation.

Applying Islamic value and thought. Emerging a feeling of confidence and self awareness starting from early childhood. Providing an active, creative, innovative and enjoyable learning environment

Combining the national and international curriculum, we equip our students with a solid academic foundation. Our holistic approach (academic and character building) encourages our students to reach their best potential. They also learn to think billingual as the lessons are delivered in a veriety of languages, such as Indonesian, English, Arabic and Mandarin.

Regular professional development programs keep our teachers up to date with the latest development in education.

Besides Scouting (Pramuka),Martial Arts and Calligraphy, we provide a variety of clubs, including Arabic, Book Discussion, Creative Writing, Traditional and Modern Dance, Drama and Public Speaking. FurtherMore, there are sport teams like Futsal, Badminton, Basketball, Volley Ball & Table Tennis.

Our school has a scientific lab, computer lab, language lab, playground and Interactive Learning Center (ILC), Multi Purpose Hall, Meeting Room, Musholla, Library, Canteen, Clinic, Art and Music Room and Sport Area.