Primary Graduation Class Of 2019

On 4 May, all Ananda Islamic School Students, parents, and teachers came together in AIS Hall to celebrate the children’s completion of the primary six students’ education. The agenda started at 7.30 a.m. by the MC, Mrs. Dian Risqiyati and Ms. Isti Hunaya. All of the attendance could not wait for seeing the graduates and of course some performances by other students. Then the MC allowed the graduates entered the hall was accompanied by a national compulsory song, Bagimu Negeri, all eyes on the graduates. Everyone think the time flies so fast, now they have completed their education in primary level. Some had been at AIS since the age of two or three, while they were a nursery students, while others joined us only recently in primary level. Regardless, all have made special friends and memories, which they were proud to share.

The teachers followed behind the graduates entered the hall was accompanied by a national compulsory song, Hymne Guru. In that session, the MC mentioned all the teachers’ name, started by Mrs. Siti Maesaroh as the principal and Mr. Muhammad Abduh Al-Manar as the vice principal and continued by homeroom teachers from class 1 to class 6, and the last the subject teachers. Those activities took place solemnly because of the accompaniment of the songs performed by the AIS Choir Team trained by Mrs. Mary Ika Nurdiyanti and Ms. Ana Pratiwi.

After all of the attendance complete, the opening session began by singing The

National Anthem of Indonesia Raya conducted by Mrs. Ika. Still in that session, Muhammad Syaffa Rizqullah and Muhammad Ragheed bin Abdul Rashid opened the agenda by recited a verse from Al-Mujadallah completed by the translation.

Every attendance listened well and it added the solemnity of the activities.

In that event, some speakers were also came on stage to deliver some speeches. The very first is Mr. Muhammad Abduh Al-Manar, M. Pd as the leader who conveyed some message for the graduates and gave a testimony about his impression of the graduates. The second speech was delivered by Mr. Murdiyono Abdul Lathief, SE, Ak. as the BOD of Ananda Dionita Foundation. He thanked to all committee who have prepared everything well for the graduation ceremony and he was proud to the graduates because of their achievement in academic, religious, and English ability. The third speech was delivered by Mr. Witana, S. Pd, MM. as the honoured guest invited from the education authorities in the sub-district of Kalideres who informed the graduates’ result of USBN this year is higher and Ananda Islamic School became one of the best schools in the West Jakarta. He conveyed every element of education in Ananda Islamic School must support the programs the school development.

After those speeches was the main agenda, the embedding process of the graduates by Mrs. Siti Maesaroh, Mr. Muhammad Abduh Al-Manar, and Mr. Hari Usmawan. One by one of the graduates came on stage elegantly. As information, this year, there were 20 students consisted of 12 male students and 8 female students and their homeroom teacher is Mr. Hari Usmawan assisted by Mrs. Zubaidah. The next session after the embedding process was speech who delivered by Ohoi Ulun Fatima Nakramachtika Zahra as the graduate and Mrs. Mela Rusyanti, Ziyi’s Mom, who represented the parents of primary six.

The next agenda was the announcement of best students. Every year, Ananda Islamic School chooses three best students in each field. This year, the best academic student goes to Ariel Rachmanto by considering his achievement in last 3 years. Since the primary 4, Ariel has achieved the first rank in the year school. So, it was appropriate with his effort. Then, the religious student goes to Maitsaa Ratna Namlwien As Salami. As we know that Echa, her nickname, has reached many awards internally and externally and she was good in recitation of Qur’an. She also has memorized the last Juz of Qur’an and now she is memorizing another juz. Then, the last category is best behaviour student goes to Muhammad Ragheed bin Abdul Rashid. Almost teachers in Ananda Islamic School chose him because of his nice behave and politeness not only to the teachers but also to the fellow students. This agenda was closed by the performance of Choir Team sang “Shining Friends” by Fiona Fung. The graduates were very touched by this song. Not only the song, all attendance especially the graduates, were also entertained by a memorable video playback. The video was produced by IT Team consist of Mr. Rizal Purnomo, Mr.

Akmaludin, and Mr. Hermawan. Special for Mr. Akmal who has edited the video well so the video could be played in the ceremony.

The next agenda was performances by students from primary 1 until primary 6. They performed a song, modern dance, angklung (traditional instrument from the west java), marawis (Islamic instrumental), and Pencak Silat (original martial art from Indonesia). All attendances were very proud and they were entertained by the performances. The last agenda is closed by praying delivered by Ust. Ahmad Fauzi.

Congratulation on your success, students! We’ll never forget you all ^_^

Written by: Mr. Hari Usmawan