Athletic Carnival Ananda Islamic School (Being Healthy and Refresh Our Mind)

Opening Ceremony

Being Healthy and Refresh Our Mind, Athletic Carnival is an annual agenda of Ananda Islamic School. It is motivated by Mr. Murdiyono as the Foundation of Ananda Islamic School who wanted to build an academic and healthy culture up in Ananda Islamic School. As we know that the last athletic carnival was held in Cendrawasih Stadium at 2017, it makes Mr. Edo Kurniawan as the Physical Education Teacher decides to conduct this agenda in the same place and be the person in charge. As our prediction, it is very huge students’ interest to join athletic carnival 2018. Mr. Edo has arranged and set everything up, it started from asking the permission to Sudin Dispora West Jakarta to making a concept of all activities. All teacher support and help everything based on their job description.

Finally, the Big Day has come, Thursday, February 15th, 2017 the athletic carnival 2018 is begun. At the rainy and cloudy day in the morning. All parents came to support their children, but the weather condition was not good. Everyone felt sad and very disappointed. To avoid excessive disappointment, the committee decided to continue the yel-yel competition. Until the end of the yel-yel competion, the dark sky had not shown bright. The committee considered to postphone the agenda next week. Alhamdulillah all parents and students could understand the condition.

At the first zone there were 2 competitions. They were (1) Sprint Race and (2) Relay Race.

  1. Sprint Race
    In the preliminary round there were 5 parties for boys and 5 parties for girls. Each party would represent two quickest runners to the final party. There were difference lengths for the lower and upper graders tracks. Lower graders run 50 meters and Upper graders run 100 meters. In the final, there were three categories. The first category was for class 1 and 2. The second category was for class 3 and 4. The third category was for class 5 and 6. For the first category, Adly from the blue house had reach the fastest runner, followed by Dennis from the yellow house, and Dyllan from the red house. The second category won by Azka from the red house, Rifa from the blue house, and Rifqi Parla from the red house. The last category was won by Kenzie from the blue house as the fastest runner, followed by Ragheed from the red house, and Ziyi from the red house.  The girls position, the first category was won by Rashiqa from the green house, followed by Najat from the red house, and Zahra from the red house. The second category, the fastest was gotten by Naefa from the yellow house, followed by Cinta from the green house, and Talita Yura from the blue house. The last category was won by the twin sisters, first place by Deninda from the red house, followed by her twin sister Amanda from the blue house and the third place was Citra from the red house.
  2. Relay Race
    In the preliminary round there were 2 parties. Each party consisted of 4 teams. Each team consisted of 4 runners who were represented from the upper graders. They must carry a baton run started from the first runner to the fourth runner to the finish line. In the final party which followed by four teams from red and blue houses. The first place was achieved by blue team, consisted of Kenzie and friends, the second place was achieved by the red team lead by Derryl, and the third place was achieved by Yoan and friends from the red team.

In other competition, Yel-Yel Competition, the best house was the green house, followed by blue and yellow houses that got equal scores, and the last was red team. Next is the announcement of the winner. But, before the committee announces the results of the race, Raihan, a student from grade 4 performs a song to entertain all students and parents.
General Champion

After accumulating the scores from Yel-Yel, all competitions in the first zone and second zone, the committee announced the general champion that achieved by Red Team, followed by Blue Team as the second place, and Green Team in the third place and the last was Yellow Team.

Athletic Carnival will never be forgotten by students, because students can show their others ability, not only academically but also their ability. Physical activity is good for all us and being healthy is our choice. Athletic Carnival 2018, Being Healthy and Refresh Our Mind. See you next year ^_^.

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